Recent Publications

A list of published articles on gun policies and firearm-related injury and mortality.

Handgun Legislation and Changes in Statewide Overall Suicide Rates

Anestis MD, et al., American Journal of Public Health, April 2017

This article compared changes in state suicide rates from 2013 to 2014 in relation to the presence or absence of state universal background check and mandatory waiting period laws. It finds that the presence of these laws was associated with significantly greater declines (or smaller increases) in suicide rates over the one-year study period.

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An Epidemiologic Overview of 13 Years of Firearm Hospitalizations in Pennsylvania

Gross BW, et al., Journal of Surgical Research, April 2017

This article examines the nature and outcome of firearm-related hospitalizations at Pennsylvania trauma centers during the period 2003-2015. The results suggest that while the rate of firearm-related hospitalizations is declining, the severity of firearm-related injuries may be increasing.

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The Association between Gun Ownership and Statewide Overall Suicide Rates

Anestis MD, et al., Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior, March 2017

This article examines the relationship between levels of household gun ownership and total, firearm-related, and non-firearm-related suicide rates at the state level in the year 2013. It finds that after controlling for a wide range of state-level factors, household gun ownership levels are associated with significantly higher rates of overall and firearm-related suicide.

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Background Checks for all Gun Buyers and Gun Violence Restraining Orders: State Efforts to Keep Guns from High-Risk Persons

Vernick JS, et al., Journal of Law, Medicine, and Ethics, March 2017

This article describes two policy approaches to keeping guns from high-risk persons. Universal background checks extend the requirement for these checks to all firearm sales, including those from private sellers. Gun violence restraining order laws allow law enforcement officials and family members to request that firearms be removed from the possession of individuals who are deemed to pose a risk of potential firearm violence to themselves or others.

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Gunshot wounds resulting in hospitalization in the United States: 2004-2013

Cook A, et al., Injury, March 2017

This article explores the nature and extent of gunshot wound hospitalizations in the United States during the period 2004-2013. It examines differences in mortality outcomes by gender and race.

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Firearm Acquisition Without Background Checks: Results of a National Survey

Miller M, et al., Annals of Internal Medicine, February 2017

This article reports the results of a national survey of gun owners to determine the percentage of gun owners who acquired their last firearm without a background check. It found that of firearms acquired during the past two years, 22% were purchased without a background check. This proportion was substantially higher in states without laws that regulate private gun sales.

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